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Signs Your Child May Have Suffered a Birth Injury – Birth Injury Symptoms

November 27, 2022Personal Injury

A birth injury can happen when an infant suffers harm before, during, and shortly after birth. If your child has experienced this act of medical malpractice, you may qualify for litigation against the at-fault provider. Some birth injuries are immediately obvious, while others may take months or years to show symptoms.

Signs of birth injuries can vary based on the condition and the extent of the damage. If you notice any of the following signs, seek emergency medical care as soon as possible. For your child to achieve the best possible outcome, prompt treatment is essential.

Symptoms to Look for After Birth

Some signs of birth injuries are visible immediately after a child is born. Not all of these symptoms are limited to birth injuries, but they can indicate that something went wrong during labor and delivery. 

If you notice any of the following symptoms after your child is born, seek medical attention immediately:

  • Seizures
  • Facial paralysis
  • Low oxygen or heart rate
  • Weak or no reflexes
  • Arched back while crying
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Skull fractures
  • Muscle stiffness or looseness
  • Difficulty sucking, swallowing, or eating
  • Excessive crying, grunting, or fussiness

Symptoms to Look for at 12–24 Months Old

In some cases, birth injury symptoms do not develop until after a child turns one or two years old. As your child develops, you may start to notice developmental delays or missed milestones. These signs may indicate that he or she suffered an injury at birth.

If you notice any of the following symptoms when your child is between 12–24 months old, he or she may have suffered an injury at birth:

  • Poor coordination
  • Muscle spasms
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Lack of muscle control 
  • Lack of bodily movements
  • Speech delays or no speech development
  • Difficulty walking, crawling, or moving
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, or holding utensils or cups
  • Inability to sit, stand, walk, or crawl without help

Symptoms to Look for at 2 Years Old and Beyond

Birth injuries may not become apparent until after a child starts school or starts interacting with children his or her own age. Compared to his or her peers, the child may show some delays in his or her physical or mental capacity. 

If your child exhibits any of the following signs after he or she turns two years old, consult your doctor right away:

  • Muscle stiffness or looseness
  • Tremors or shakiness
  • Difficulty running
  • Blindness, deafness, or muteness
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills
  • Inability to speak or comprehend sentences
  • Diagnosis of developmental disabilities
  • Inability to draw straight lines or circles
  • Difficulty walking up and down stairs
  • Difficulty eating, drinking, or dressing

Contact a Georgia Birth Injury Attorney Today

When your child develops a birth injury, he or she can sustain permanent complications that can affect his or her physical and mental well-being for the rest of his or her life. Your family can also suffer from significant financial hardship and emotional distress. If a medical professional’s actions caused your child’s injury, you may qualify for legal action against the at-fault provider.

An Augusta birth injury lawyer can help your family hold the at-fault doctor accountable and secure the settlement that your child is entitled to receive. After your child is treated for his or her injury, contact a lawyer to discuss your case and plan your next steps.