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Another Fatality on a Dangerous Highway

December 17, 2021Car Accident

A rear-end collision on Mike Padgett Highway has claimed the life of an Augusta woman on December 12, 2021.  Residents who live near the highway say speeding is a constant problem.  According to the original reporting on, deaths are up 9 percent since 2019 on Georgia highways.  See the original story here.

Speed is one factor.  There can be many others.

While driver speed is a major factor in road wrecks, highways can also be unsafe and dangerous for a number of reasons.  Many highways were designed in such a way that they have inadequate sight distance at intersections, improper draining which leads to standing water in the roads, or steep drop offs on the road shoulders.  Additionally, highways can also be unsafe and dangerous because they are not properly maintained.  This includes potholes or broken and uneven pavement, broken or malfunctioning traffic control devices, inadequate lighting, or overgrown vegetation that blocks road signs or impairs drivers’ sight lines.

You need experience on your side.

Our firm has successfully handled several cases against local governments and state departments of transportation for these issues.  These cases are very complicated, involve nuanced legal theories of liability, and are hotly litigated.  If you have been hurt on an unsafe or dangerous highway, you need a law firm that can help you navigate these issues.  This includes identifying the appropriate government entity that is responsible, properly notifying that defendant of your intention to bring a lawsuit, finding the right expert witness to support your case, and having the expertise to litigate the case all the way to a jury.