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Inadequate Security at Apartment Complexes and Malls Lead to Shootings and Injuries

June 16, 2022Personal Injury

Recently, the Augusta news outlets and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have covered stories involving gun violence at malls and apartment complexes, respectively.  Unfortunately, incidents involving guns and shootings are far too common these days.  Just last week in Augusta, two groups of men were involved in an altercation, and one of the men brandished a gun, causing panic to ensue.  A link to the article is listed below.

This is not the first incident of gun violence at Augusta Mall in recent history.  In October 2020, a man was murdered and an innocent bystander was shot in yet another altercation at the Augusta Mall.  Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys is proud to represent this innocent bystander in her case against the Augusta Mall for failing to provide adequate security that would have prevented her injuries.

These types of incidents are common at apartment complexes as well.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution just released an article following a yearlong investigation that highlights the problems leading to criminal activity at apartments across Georgia.  You can read that article here.

What these articles do not mention, though, is that business owners, landlords, and property managers can be civilly responsible when someone is injured or killed in situations like the ones mentioned above.  This is because those business owners, landlords, and property managers have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for the people who visit or live on the property.  If the premises is not kept in a safe condition, visitors and residents can be the victim of terrible crimes. These crimes are hazards like any other on a property, and if a business owner knows, or has reason to know, about the crime, then they must take appropriate steps to keep the property safe. If they do not, then they can be found liable under civil law.

Whenever a person is a victim of a violent crime, the perpetrator of the crime may be civilly liable for any damage caused. Additionally, in situations where the attack happens on private land, the landowner may also be liable if they failed to provide adequate security.  At the core of any lawsuit alleging negligent security is the question of when security measures are adequate to protect visitors.

Examples of ways that business owners, landlords, or property managers fail to implement necessary security measures are:

  • Choosing not to complete a security assessment of the property;
  • Failing to complete the proper types of assessments of known criminal activity;
  • Failing to provide warnings to visitors regarding crime in the area;
  • Failing to hire security guards to patrol the property at appropriate times; and
  • Failing to properly maintain lighting, fencing, and security gates.

An attorney could help you examine the reasons for their injuries, discover evidence of poor landowner practices, and pursue the lawsuit for personal injury.  Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys has a proven record of handling cases like this.  Contact the Augusta negligent security attorneys today to discuss your case and begin the process of getting the compensation you deserve.