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Most Common Birth Injury Symptoms

February 27, 2023Personal Injury

Birth injuries are a type of trauma that occurs during the birth process, affecting the baby’s health and well-being. These injuries can have a significant impact on a child’s life and can lead to long-term physical and cognitive impairments. While some birth injuries are immediately apparent, others may take months or even years to surface.

By knowing the common symptoms of birth injuries, you can better identify whether your child has become a victim of medical malpractice. Since various signs may surface at different stages of development, it’s important to remain observant throughout your child’s growth. 

If you notice any signs of a birth injury, seek medical attention right away. Then, contact an Augusta birth injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

Common Birth Injury Symptoms Immediately After Birth

Birth injuries that occur during delivery can be life-threatening or cause long-term damage. Here are the most common birth injury symptoms that occur immediately after birth:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Low heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Excessive drooling
  • High-pitched crying
  • Excessive fussiness
  • Muscle stiffness or looseness
  • Skull fractures or head injuries
  • Facial nerve injuries
  • Difficulty eating, sucking, or swallowing
  • An arched back while crying
  • Weak or absent reflexes

Common Birth Injury Symptoms at 12–24 Months Old

Some birth injuries may not become apparent until the child is a toddler. These symptoms can be difficult to recognize, but they may include:

  • Poor coordination
  • Needing help to sit, stand, walk, or crawl
  • Speech delays or no speech development
  • Intellectual disabilities, such as low memory retention
  • Inability to pass small objects from one hand to another
  • Difficulty with eating, drinking, and grasping utensils or cups
  • Not bringing objects to mouth or turning head to loud noises
  • Difficulty with walking or crawling
  • Lack of muscle control or spasms
  • Vision and/or hearing problems

Common Birth Injury Symptoms for Children Two Years and Older

Birth injuries can continue to affect a child as they grow up. Below are the most common birth injury symptoms for children two years and older:

  • Inability to speak or understand complete sentences
  • Blindness, deafness, or muteness
  • Difficulty dressing, eating, or drinking without assistance
  • Difficulty walking up and down stairs or running
  • Experiencing muscle stiffness or looseness
  • Problems with fine motor skills due to jerky reflexes
  • Tremors or shakiness
  • Inability to draw straight lines or circles

What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Has a Birth Injury

The consequences of birth injuries can be substantial, resulting in long-term physical and cognitive impairments for the child. These injuries can also result in emotional trauma, financial hardship, and a reduction in the quality of life.

In Georgia, victims of birth injuries have the right to pursue legal action against negligent medical professionals. To protect your child’s case and his or her right to compensation, take the following steps:

  • Seek medical attention immediately. A pediatrician or specialist can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide a diagnosis.
  • Save as much evidence as possible. Keep all medical records and any other evidence related to your child’s birth and injury.
  • Contact an attorney. Victims of birth injuries are eligible for compensation through a lawsuit against the negligent medical professional. An attorney can help you navigate the legal process and advocate for your child’s rights.

If you suspect that your child has a birth injury, it’s essential to speak to an attorney to discuss your legal options. As soon as possible following your child’s diagnosis, schedule a free case consultation with a Georgia birth injury lawyer and take your first steps toward justice.