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How Long Does a Spinal Cord Injury Take to Show Signs or Symptoms?

July 30, 2022Personal Injury

The spinal cord is a critical part of the body, responsible for transmitting messages between the brain and the body. However, serious damage to the spinal cord can occur during accidents like Augusta car accidents, slip and falls, and construction accidents. 

Spinal cord injuries can have a significant impact on your life. These signs or symptoms are usually apparent immediately after the accident. However, shock may temporarily prevent you from feeling the full effect of the injury. 

Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury

After a spinal cord injury, you can develop a range of symptoms depending on the location and severity of the condition. There are two types of spinal cord injuries: complete injuries, which result in the loss of all feeling and motor function below the injury site; or incomplete injuries, which leave some motor or sensory function below the injury site.

You may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of movement
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Changes in sexual function
  • Changes in reflexes
  • Pain or stinging sensations
  • Loss of sensation, such as the ability to feel touch
  • Difficulty coughing or clearing the lungs

You may not notice symptoms of spinal cord injuries at first, especially if you lose all feeling below the injury site or go into shock. Sometimes, numbness and paralysis may come on gradually following the injury. 

When to Seek Medical Care

After any accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you do not feel hurt. A spinal cord injury can lead to serious complications without immediate care. In fact, the time between your injury and initial treatment can make a significant difference in your recovery.

You should seek emergency medical attention for a spinal cord injury if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty walking or keeping balance
  • Numbness, tingling, or a loss of sensation
  • Weakness
  • Paralysis in any part of the body
  • A twisted or contorted neck or back
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Extreme pain or pressure in the back, neck, or head

Your Legal Options After a Spinal Cord Injury in Georgia

Spinal cord injuries can be painful and result in significant physical, financial, and emotional hardship. If someone else caused your spinal cord injury, you have the right to hold him or her accountable for these losses.

In Georgia, you can file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the driver, property owner, medical professional, or any other party whose negligence caused your spinal cord injury. Through your claim, you could recover a settlement to help pay for expenses like rehabilitation, medical care, property damage, and more.

However, you will need to show that the at-fault party’s actions caused your spinal cord injury and prove that you actually experienced the damages that you are claiming. In these situations, you need an attorney on your side who can fight for your right to compensation.

An Augusta spinal cord injury lawyer will represent your claim against the at-fault party and work tirelessly to prove your right to compensation. As soon as possible following your accident, consult with a lawyer about your legal options.