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A class action case differs from a typical lawsuit in that a plaintiff sues a defendant or a group of defendants on behalf of a group, or class, of absent parties that have suffered similarly. The Augusta, GA lawyers at Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys are experienced in successfully representing these types of cases.

Below is a short list of some of the class action cases won by Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys and the settlement awards to our clients:

  • Consumer Class Action
    • $11.9 Million Judgment
  • Consumer Class Action/Employment Discrimination
    • $11.2 Million Settlement
  • Consumer Class Action/Breach of Warranty
    • $10.3 Million Settlement

Our attorneys build strong cases against larger entities so that all individual plaintiffs named in the case receive due and full compensation for the wrongs they suffered. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible for a lawsuit in Augusta, Georgia.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • We know how to get results. Our Augusta personal injury attorneys are not afraid to go to court and have experience handling multimillion-dollar cases. We have won over $140 million total on behalf of our clients.
  • We are intentional and selective in the cases we accept. This gives our group of attorneys the time to dedicate individual care and attention to each client.
  • Our lawyers have earned an excellent reputation in the legal community through years of hard work, a passion for justice, and high-quality legal representation.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a way to keep the justice system more efficient. Rather than having multiple plaintiffs sue the same defendant in many individual lawsuits, and allows a group of plaintiffs to file one single lawsuit against a shared defendant or defendants.

A class action is only available when numerous plaintiffs share the same interests. They must be bringing lawsuits against the same defendant(s), for the same reason and with similar damages. For example, if the same defective product injures multiple consumers, those consumers have grounds to file a wrongful action against the manufacturer or distributor of the product.

If these consumers decide to pursue a class action, one plaintiff will represent the group. Combining multiple lawsuits into one allows for the consolidation of witnesses, evidence, and attorneys to make the legal process more efficient.

Benefits of a Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit is often in the best interests of the plaintiffs due to an increase in the value of the overall lawsuit. While one individual injury may not be enough to support a lawsuit, especially against a powerful corporation or entity, multiple injuries together increases the value of the lawsuit enough to make a stronger case.

One of the significant benefits of a class action suit is that it can provide individuals or small groups the ability to challenge larger entities and corporations and seek compensation for wrongdoing or damages committed by the larger group. In some instances, these types of suits are the only course of action victims have in addressing possible discrimination, consumer fraud, defective products, misrepresentation, or other violations of the law against large businesses.

Class action cases often stem from consumer protection issues such as:

  • Consumer fraud
  • Defective automobiles/parts
  • Defective consumer machinery
  • Identity theft
  • Credit report and criminal background check errors
  • Security breaches of personal information
  • Discrimination
  • Prescription drugs with dangerous side effects known to the manufacturer

Class action cases are also a way for small groups and individuals to ensure that large organizations or corporations are penalized for wrongdoing in instances where continued harmful practices may be more financially beneficial to the wrongdoer. A well-built case can give a larger voice to a group of victims that individually could be drowned out.

How Many People Do You Need for a Class Action?

Although a class action is made up of multiple plaintiffs, a single person is typically enough to initiate a lawsuit. In this case, the attorney representing the class must have a good faith belief that the tort in question injured a number of other people. The attorney can then search for other potential class members who may have a right to join the lawsuit. This is often done through ads, newspapers, email, and television.

If you receive notification of a class action lawsuit that might affect you, you can opt-in to the group lawsuit or opt-out. If you opt-out, you may still have the ability to file your own independent lawsuit. If you opt-in, you become a part of the lawsuit and subject to the decisions of the court, including the outcome of the case. A lawyer can help you determine which option is in your best interest.

What Compensation Is Available in a Class Action Lawsuit?

The vast majority of class action lawsuits in Georgia get resolved through negotiations between the two parties. These types of cases rarely go to trial. Your lawyer can help you and other plaintiffs in the class negotiate for an amount that adequately covers injuries and financial damages. These damages may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Medications and medical devices
  • Disability costs
  • Losses of income
  • Legal expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Once a judge approves a proposed settlement, both parties and their attorneys will create a plan of distribution. This plan determines how the amount won is allocated to each plaintiff, minus attorney’s fees and the costs of litigation. Each class member may receive a set dollar figure that matches his or her losses or a percentage of the total settlement.

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