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Dogs can inflict violent injuries in an attack. These injuries can affect a victim for life in the form of physical and emotional scars. If you have been injured by a dog in Augusta, Georgia, our dog bite injury lawyers can help. Contact Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys today for a free legal consultation with an attorney.

Why Choose Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys Dog bite Injury Attorneys?

Legal matters involving personal injury can put undue stress on you and your family. As your legal representatives, we understand this anxiety and will do everything possible to make your proceedings easy. We act as your aggressive legal advocates and provide you with the effective, personalized attention you deserve.

  • We get results. Since our law firm’s foundation, we have recovered more than $160 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients. That includes at least $1 million won in over 25 cases.
  • Our lawyers care about each client. We are committed to our clients and fight for them through aggressive litigation.
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  • Our attorneys are leaders in the community. We consistently engage in community events and fundraisers. Our law firm is an AV-Rated practice by Martindale Hubbell.
  • We have high standards. We believe in providing high-quality, compassionate legal representation to those who have been harmed through the negligence or intentional actions of others.

Our Augusta accident attorneys regularly travel to meet with clients – even at a moment’s notice – to ensure exceptional service because we care about your needs and keep you informed concerning the best way to achieve them. Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys has all the legal and financial resources necessary to make your case our top priority. We are dedicated to serving our community, and we are proud of our trusted local name.

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Satisfied clients are our greatest assets. They are also the reason new clients trust our firm to provide the highest quality representation with every case. Over our attorneys combined careers, we have achieved many substantial verdicts and recoveries for our clients. We have a reputation for legal skill and knowledge, and bring a high level of commitment to courtroom advocacy.


At Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys, we are devoted not only to the pursuit of justice, but also to the betterment of our local community. We love the Augusta area, and we recognize the importance of giving back to our hometown. Over the years, the attorneys at Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys have invested a large amount of time and resources into many local charities and nonprofits. These are some of the organizations they have supported:

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Nicholson Revell helped me manage a very challenging time in my life. While I was incapacitated, they worked closely with me as well as my family. They guided us through some very difficult legal issues. Having the advantage of two generations of experience and legal expertise, I trusted them implicitly. Their advice was solid, and I will never forget the compassion and respect that the entire staff offered to me.

JO M. | Google Review


They helped with all the medical bills from my brother’s near-fatal accident and negotiated down to where we could afford to pay. We’re talking BIG bills. Not ambulance chasers, just dignified and extremely competent. General practice firm, able to handle every need.

S. STEWART | Google Review


They are passionate and relatable. And most importantly, they are genuine. They truly care about their clients and the community they serve.

CAROLINE C. | Google Review

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Relevant Case Results | $160+ Million Recovered

  • $20. Million – Industrial Injury Settlement – Catastrophic injuries from electrocution at construction site
  • $10.1 Million – Automobile Collision Judgement – Permanent arm disability from t-bone accident
  • $5.9 Million – Medical Malpractice Settlement – Patient was not seen for 3+ hours at the ER after EKG seeing 12 abnormalities, suffered a heart attack and became paraplegic and unable to speak

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What Does an Augusta Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Do?

Hiring a lawyer to represent you during a dog bite injury case in Georgia can ensure fair results. An insurance company may try to take advantage of you if you are unrepresented, but an attorney will make sure this doesn’t happen.

An attorney will investigate your case, gather evidence, and use aggressive tactics to argue for the compensation you deserve for serious dog bite injuries. You won’t have to settle for less than you need to move forward. Having a lawyer take over your case can allow you the peace of mind to focus on recuperating from your injuries. You will know that your case is receiving the attention it deserves.

Who Is Responsible for a Dog Bite Injury in Georgia?

If a dog attacks you in Georgia, its owner may be responsible for paying for your related expenses through his or her homeowners’ insurance. According to Georgia Code Section 51-2-7, a pet owner can be legally responsible for damages if:

  • The dog was considered a vicious or dangerous animal at the time. For example, the animal had previously attacked another person or domestic animal, or an animal control officer classified the dog as dangerous.
  • The attack or dog bite injury occurred because of the carelessness of the dog’s owner or controller. The pet owner must be guilty of a careless action or failure to act, such as allowing the animal to run at large.
  • You did not contribute to the attack by trespassing on private property or provoking the dog to bite. If you were taunting or harassing the dog at the time of the bite, you may not have grounds to hold the pet owner legally responsible.

If your lawyer can prove these three things as more likely to be true than not true, the dog owner will have to pay for your losses through his or her homeowners insurance coverage. A person physically in charge of controlling the dog at the time of the attack could also be liable, even if he or she was not the pet’s owner.

How to Collect Evidence for a Dog Bite Case

Your attorney will need to prove your dog bite injury case using a preponderance of the evidence. This is enough clear and convincing evidence to show that the defendant was more than 50 percent responsible for your injuries. You can help your attorney prove your case by gathering evidence while still at the scene:

  • Photographs
  • Videos or surveillance footage
  • Information about the pet and its owner
  • A description of the accident
  • Eyewitness contact information
  • Police report
  • Medical records

If you cannot collect evidence while at the scene, don’t worry. Focus on getting emergency medical care for your serious dog bite injuries and hire an Augusta dog bite injury attorney to preserve and gather evidence for you.

Contact a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Augusta, GA Today

A dog attack can cause puncture wounds, lacerations, permanent scarring, disfigurement, and psychological trauma. In the most severe cases, a dog attack can be fatal. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries from a dog bite in Augusta, call the attorneys at Nicholson Revell Personal Injury Attorneys right away at (706) 702-8784. We can navigate Georgia’s dog bite laws and help you demand the compensation you deserve.

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