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A class action case differs from a typical lawsuit in that a plaintiff sues a defendant or a group of defendants on behalf of a group, or class, of absent parties that have suffered similarly. The Augusta GA class action lawyers at Nicholson Revell are experienced in successfully representing class action cases.

One of the significant benefits to a class action suit is that it can provide individuals or small groups the ability to challenge larger entities and corporations and seek compensation for wrongdoing or damages committed by the larger group. In some instances, these types of suits are the only course of action victims have in addressing possible discrimination, consumer fraud, defective products, misrepresentation or other violations of the law against large businesses.

Below is a short list of some the Class Action cases won by Nicholson Revell LLP and the settlements awards to our clients:

  • Consumer Class Action
    • $11.9 Million Judgment
  • Consumer Class Action/Employment Discrimination
    • $11.2 Million Settlement
  • Consumer Class Action/Breach of Warranty
    • $10.3 Million Settlement

Our class action attorneys build strong cases against larger entities so that all individual plaintiffs named in the case receive due and full compensation for the wrongs they suffered.

Class action cases often stem from Consumer Protection issues such as:

  • Consumer Fraud
  • Defective Automobiles/Parts
  • Defective Consumer Machinery
  • Identity Theft
  • Credit report and criminal background check errors
  • Security Breaches of Personal Information
  • Discrimination
  • Prescription Drugs with Dangerous side effects known to the manufacturer

Class action cases are also a way for small groups and individuals to ensure that large organizations or corporations are penalized for wrongdoing in instances where continued harmful practices may be more financially beneficial to the wrongdoer. A well-built class action case can give a larger voice to a group of victims that individually could be drowned out by more major groups with deep pockets.

If you feel you or a loved one have been wronged and are a part of a larger group of victims, contact the law offices of Nicholson Revell LLP for a free consultation.

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